Technology is changing the Legal World

We’ve all been affected by today’s technology in one way or another. Heading out to the movie store to pick up a DVD rental, buying a CD and even simple tasks like writing letters and sending them overseas are things that we no longer do as we once did, and it is all because of this great technology we’ve been given. The legal world, too, has experienced many changes as technology increases. Here we will take a look at some of the different ways that technology has affected the legal world, as well as some of the new changes that have taken place.

Social Media

socialmediaSocial media has enabled lawyers and law firms to closely interact with their customers, share legal news, offer advice, and advertise their business more effectively. There are tons of social media sties making this possible, including the popular Twitter and Facebook. In addition, social networking allows a legal firm to build new clientele and meet new people.


Law firms now can easily create a website that a potential client can use to learn more about the firm, their area of practice, and more. It eliminates quite a bit of headache for the average individual.

Virtual Law Firms

Although not catching on quite as fast as some of the trends, virtual law firms are becoming a new trend. Yes, you can hire a impaired driving lawyer that doesn’t have an office, just expect the one that you see before your eyes on your computer screen. There are both pros and cons of a virtual law firm; consider them all if you desire to use a virtual law firm.


Not only does it possess a totally awesome name, E-Discovery is helping many individuals. What exactly is E-Discovery? It is a new law that makes it possible for emails, texts, and other media stored electronically to be used during a litigation process.


In addition to E-Discovery, E-Filing is a new technology that makes life easier for both the lawyer and the individual in need of criminal or legal defense. With E-Filing, paperwork and other legal documentations may be submitted laconically. It saves time, money, headache, and hassle.

Final Thoughts

Law firms across the country are now using the technology that has been offered to them to make life easier and to better accommodate them during court cases. The technologies listed above are just some of the many that is now available for use.